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Author Topic: An Android Hack to make your phone faster and battery last longer  (Read 459 times)

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The ‘ART’istic Android: Making your Smart
Phone Smarter
Android’s ‘KitKat’ version just replaced their
penultimate update ‘Jelly Bean’ on October
31 and very recently, at the start of
December, update 4.4.2 was released. What
was the idea behind releasing updates in
such a quick succession? What was there
which Google couldn’t hold back till the New
Year? Was it a sinister bug which required a
fix or a Christmas goodie? The answer is
ART; an update that would really position
Android differently, if not ahead, of the
ART or Android Run Time is responsible for
running all the applications on the Android
system. It has ousted its predecessor
‘Dalvik’ (named after the village of Dan
Bornstein, Android’s Creator, in Iceland)
which was performing the similar task since
the time Android was first released.
Compared to ART, as per the tech gurus
across the globe, Dalvik was “not that
great”. The update will provide the following
benefits to the users:
1. Speed
The previous version of the executer used
the ‘Just-In-Time’ (JIT) process, which means
that the app source of the application had to
be converted into the executable program,
every time the application started. Don’t be
bewildered! Yes it does, in a jiffy.
Whereas, the new version uses ‘Ahead-Of-
Time’ (AOT) process and the application is
assembled and ready to be executed when
the app is installed. To increase your
bemusement, Dalvik’s jiffy is not that fast
anymore. The application start time will be
reduced by a further 50% and will have ‘The
Fast Effect’ on the speed of your smart
2. Reduced Battery Downtime
The background processes will be running
faster than before and the phone will
actually work smart than working hard to
run those background apps and processes.
While using the phone you will not be able
to see much of a difference, however, the
battery which used to drain in the efforts to
keep the processes running will now cool
down, thus leaving a positive impact on the
Reports from Google claimed an improved
30% boost in the IST (Idle Standby Time)
however the users and the critics have their
own point of view. Quoting the Technical
Gurus the improvement was visible in the
IST, however, not at 30% as claimed by the
developer but to a significant 20%, keeping
in mind the continuous updates and
The after effects of ART
As usual, the pros are always accompanied
by the cons; the ART also has couple of ‘em
attached to it.
1. More Storage
The applications not only took a little long to
be installed on the smart phone but they
also ate up more space. In the previous
version, due to the availability of JIT process
the application freed-up the space when
they were closed, however, with the use of
ART the space acquired was 10%-20%
more. This is due to the programs written in
such a manner that this problem was visible
and predictable. But if a 3 MB (Mega Bytes)
application uses 3.3 MB or 3.5 MB, at max,
space on your 32 GB smart phone, you
would not worry much about it.
2. Compatibility Issues
With the release of ART and the critics using
it, it was cited that at the initial stages many
applications were having compatibility
issues including WhatsApp, however, with
the latest update 4.4.2 the compatibility
issues have been fixed. 99% of the major
applications were found running smoothly
with the fixed version. The list of the
compatible apps is long and robust. For
those finding any trouble with any
frequently used applications, you may
switch to and fro between Dalvik and ART.
How to use ART on the phone
If you run Android 4.4 on your handset,
which should be a Google Nexus Series or a
tailor-made ROM on an embedded device
then you can easily upgrade the same,
however, the other handset majors have
planned to switch to Android ‘KitKat’ 4.4 in
the first Quarter of 2014, a version which is
more friendly to budget phones in
contradiction to the predecessor versions.
This is how you can change the phone
1. Go to settings then ‘About Phone’
2. Tap the ‘Build Number’ repeatedly until
you get the announcement you’re a
3. Go back to settings where you will see
a new ‘Developer options’ section
4. In Developer options change ‘Select
runtime’ to ‘Use ART’
The phone shall take 10-20 minutes for
performing the reboot, in which it will
convert the applications into ART compatible
mode. Your data shall remain safe, however,
be sure to back it up before applying these
changes. Repeat the similar process should
you wish to switch back to Dalvik.
Now sit back and enjoy being ‘ART’istic!
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