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Author Topic: South Africa May 2016 Free Browsing Cheats Tricks For Cell C, VodaCom, 8TA & MTN using Your-Freedom  (Read 11825 times)

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I've noticed that not all yf servers are working for us in South Africa, this should be confirmed because that is just from my experience

ok so download YF from http://w w
 (I downloaded the DE version)

if you have java 6 or newer you can install the java installation file instead.
I downloaded the DE one so it's up to you which one you want to download. after that you need to register with Your-Freedom so that the server will work for you. it's very simple and a confirmation email will be sent to you, after you confirm your account your YF should work with the correct setup. ok so install YF on your PC that is if you haven't done so already.

the configuration for YF is as follows:

1) server connection

YF server:
Address: w w (if you are Vodacom, MTN or 8ta. All you have to do differently is put your free site here instead of the mxit site)
port: 8080 (if you are a other network, make sure the port is that of your free site)
   Connection Mode: HTTP
   Tweaks: None

Under Options towards your right by the tick boxes:
ensure that the following is ticked only:

*Reconnect after server shutdown
*SOCKS4/5 DNS lookup on server
*Enable encription
*Enable re-keying

Under options towards your right are text input boxes:
Minimum buffer sizer : 1500
RTT mearsurments : (Blank)
Keepalive interval : (Blank)
Reconnection delay : 5000
Initial POST size: 10000000
Minimum post size: 20000
FTP mode: both
SSL protocal version : TSLv1
UDPsrcport : (Blank)
UDP srcport change rate : (Blank)
UDP src change intvl : (Blank)

Ok thats all for Server Connection

Next Tab is Proxy Setting:

Proxy Address :
Proxy Port : 80
Proxy Type: HTTP/HTTPS
Proxy Authentication: any or none

everything else under the Proxy Settings tab you leave BLANK.

Next Tab Account information:

Just fill in your details that you used to register on the YF website here

now click on save and exit at the bottom of the window. you don't have to worry about anything else there for now, this is to just get you connected and browsing

now you should be back in the main Your Freedom window. Click on the Ports Tab
Make sure SOCKS 4/5 is ticked and the port is 1080
Make sure Web Proxy is Ticked and the port is 8080

You don't have to worry about anything else there for now...

connect your Pc now to YOUR INTERNET. Once connected to the internet click on start connection button in the main Tab in your freedom... wait till the external IP Address and the server located in information is displayed. if it says unknown that means you are not connected and should end the connection in YF and end your main internet connection and then connect both again.. if this problem persists then you should try a other server(ems01 - ems35). or maybe your account isn't activated yet... its as simple as that.

Remember if it doesn't show the server located in and the external IP address than you are not connected and have to go back a bit and try again.

NOW on the other hand, if your YF is connected properly( the location and Ip of the server is showing under status) then go to your web browser settings and set the proxy to (in other words the address to and the port to 8080)... after that you should be able to browse smoothly with YF

Please note that the free account on YF does have limitations
they disconnect you after one hour of being connected to the server, then you have to connect again
you can only use it for about 5 or 4 hours a day (validation needed)
you can only use yf for a fixed amount of time a week.
and the servers are slow on YF if you have a free account, but the speed beats T-Booster or Toonel... you dont have to worry about the socks cap or proxifier aps for now. first get connected. dont try and do too much at once.

*and just a side note:

Cell C freesites :
w w , ,
w w , 
w w ,
w w  ... there are a few more believe it or not. but the best free sites to use is the mxit ones. because they are heavy duty if you know what i mean lol

I hope this helps you guys out with getting YF right on Cell C.... CHeers!!!

8tyba :)

Next on the list, Privoxy on Cell C... Is that even possible? :question:
Coming soon  ;D
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